Leadership Opportunities

We offer various opportunities for leadership and engagement. At present, our offerings include our year-long Ambassadors program and internship opportunities. We invite you to come and be a part of our community!


Join the Neurodiversity Alliance Ambassador Program

The Neurodiversity Alliance Ambassador program is a year-long opportunity that offers current and former participants of Eye to Eye programs a unique experience. It allows them to share their personal stories and support Eye to Eye by raising awareness of neurodiversity, celebrating diverse neurodivergent experiences, and promoting advocacy and mentorship.

Our Ambassadors are enthusiastic individuals who have been part of Eye to Eye programs and have a passion for sharing their stories and amplifying the voices of others in the neurodivergent community. They do this through public speaking, media interviews, event appearances, articles, editorials, and various digital media content creation and engagement initiatives. Join us in making a difference!

Young Adult Guiding Coalition

The Young Adult Guiding Coalition (YAGC) is a 10-month long volunteer opportunity for young people aged 16-25 who identify as neurodivergent. YAGC members are primarily responsible for providing insight and input into Eye to Eye programs and services; co-creating opportunities for our Eye to Eye community; and serving as ambassadors for the movement to combat stigma and engage in anti-ableist practices as we work towards a world that celebrates neurodiversity. Our YAGC works together virtually as a singular advisory group in addition to 4 committees that work directly with specific internal teams here at Eye to Eye. Each Committee has a YAGC Committee Chair that works directly with an Eye to Eye Staff Liaison as collaborators throughout the year.

YAGC Committees include:

  • The Philanthropic Development Committee
  • Organizing and Action Committee
  • Professional Learning Committee
  • Near Peer Mentoring Committee

YAGC Applications for the next cohort will open in Spring 2024.


The ND Alliance is dedicated to serving and supporting neurodiverse individuals. We are honored to have received the title of 2022 Best Non-Profit to Work For by the Non-Profit Times, a recognition we take great pride in. Join us in our mission to improve the educational experience and outcomes of neurodiverse young people, while engaging them and their allies in the movement for a more equitable and inclusive society through engaging and meaningful internships.

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