About Us

Mission, Vision, Values

The Neurodiversity Alliance's mission is to build a community of leaders committed to celebrating neurodiversity and mobilizing for disability justice. The Neurodiversity Alliance is a national club network of high school and college neurodivergent students and our allies. We are student-led, advisor-supported, and powered by Eye to Eye. At the Neurodiversity Alliance, we:

  • envision an equitable and liberatory education system that centers teaching and learning around the individual strengths, needs, and goals of students.
  • strive for transformative change that centers the vision and leadership of those most impacted by inequitable systems.
  • embrace an anti-ableist world in which neurodivergent individuals feel seen, heard, valued, connected in the community, and mobilized to act.

Join the Team!

At Eye to Eye, we are passionate individuals who are inspired by our mission and motivated to advance educational equity for the 1 in 5 who learn differently. For us, it’s more than just a job. As the only national mentoring, training, outreach and advocacy organization founded by and for people who learn differently, we set an example of inclusivity. We are best when learning from each other, bringing our diverse ideas, talents, stories, and perspectives to fuel collaboration and drive our work to empower students to fully embrace their own unique strengths and gifts as well.

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