This resource will help you figure out what works best for your club, its fundraising goals, and the individual strengths of its members.

Where do your dollars go?

You decide what you want to fundraise for! The vast majority of the money raised will go directly back into your club. 

Who should be responsible for fundraising in your club?

Every club member should know how fundraising works, not just the club officers/leaders.

How should you set a fundraising goal?

As a group, brainstorm and decide what you want to raise money for. Is it to host an event, travel to a conference, purchase LD swag packs, or something else?

How much will you need?

Once you determine the amount that actually needs to be raised, you have set your goal. Now you will be able to choose the right strategy for your goal.

How should you raise money? 

  1. Find out your school’s fundraising policy for clubs! Talk to the Student Government and invite them to a club meeting so they can explain the fundraising policy and process to all club members. Fundraising policies are different at every school, so be sure to give yourself enough time to get your idea approved.
  2. Talk to other established school clubs to see how they fundraise and manage club fundraising. See if there is an opportunity to join forces for a common cause and fundraise together!
  3. Partner with a community organization or restaurant. Find a local restaurant, bakery, or local business and ask the manager if you can host a fundraiser with them where a portion of their sales goes to your club. 
  4. Create small LD study kits to sell packed with homemade fidgets, gum, pencils, etc. 
  5. Sell food! Everyone loves homemade snacks. 
  6. JUST ASK! Most people enjoy making donations to causes that they believe in or supporting local schools and activities. You just need to ask! There are several ways to ask people to make a donation to your cause or project: 
    1. Facebook birthday donations
    2. Go Fund Me pages

Thank your supporters!

Be sure to show your appreciation to the people who give to your cause. Remember that all supporters should be thanked, no matter how big or small the size of their donation. Here are some ideas on how you can make your supporters feel appreciated:

  • Share a Thank You picture or short video via social media with everyone who supported your campaign.
  • Make Thank You cards with handwritten notes. Have all members or the club officers sign the card.
  • Take a group photo holding a poster that says “Thank you” and use the photo to post a social media thank you to your supporters, friends, and allies.