Getting Started Guidebook

A 28-page guide to getting started with the Neurodiversity Alliance. Individual pages in this guidebook are available below.

Who We Are and What We Do

A 1-page introduction to the Neurodiversity Alliance


A 1-page description of the Neurodiversity Alliance expectations for launching a club.

Disability Justice Principles

A 1-page list of principles that the Neurodiversity Alliance aligns with.

5 Steps for Launching The Neurodiversity Alliance

Five steps for launching an ND Alliance club.

Developing a Mission and Vision Statement

A 1-page guide to developing a mission and vision statement for your club.

Mission And Vision Statement Activity Idea

An activity to get ideas when creating the mission and vision statement for your club.

Choosing an Effective Leadership Model

Things to consider when choosing an effective leadership model.

Leadership Model Example: Shared or Distributed Leadership

An example of how a shared or distributed leadership model functions.

Leadership Model Example: Hierarchy-based and Team-based Leadership

An example of how hierarchy and team-based leadership models functions.

Leadership Model Example: Committee-based Leadership

An example of how a committee-based leadership model functions.

Finding Advisors

How to identify a supportive advisor to help you with a Neurodiversity Alliance club.

What is Required of a Faculty Advisor?

A 1-page summary about the faculty advisor role.

Member Recruitment

A 1-page description of the recruitment process for the Neurodiversity Alliance.

Member Recruitment: Activity Ideas

A list of activities that can help you recruit members for your ND Alliance club along with a recruitment flier template you can customize.

Creating Goals

A 1-page description of how to create goals for your ND Alliance club.

Creating Goals: Activity Ideas

A list of activities that can help with setting goals for an ND Alliance club.

Facilitating Meetings: Tips

Tips on how to prepare for an ND Alliance meeting.

Facilitating Meetings: Community Agreements

A guide on how to establish community agreements.

Facilitating Meetings: Club Member Expectations

Tips on determining expectations for ND Alliance club members.

Facilitating Meetings: Bring Joy and Fun to the Club

A 1-page tip sheet on how to bring joy and fun to an ND Alliance Club along with a printable meeting template.

Creating a Calendar

A 1-page guide to creating a calendar for your club.

Tools and Resources

A list of tools and resources for ND Alliance clubs.

Accommodations at School

An overview of accommodations at college vs. high school.